Holler if you have more questions!



  • How do I order?
  • Fill out our simple form below and we'll send you some welcome information and logistics, and give you the password to order online under the weekly menu tab. 


  • Is your food healthy?
  • Yes! Diane is a nutritionist and has dedicated her life to cooking the healthiest, most balanced, and sustainable foods possible.


  • What time is delivery?
  • We start cooking early in the morning and finish as quickly as possible so your food is super fresh. We aim to deliver between 5pm-8pm (we can give you more precise ETAs by neighborhood).


  • I won't be home for delivery, what are my options? 
  • We can leave your bag packed in ice in your garage, on your back porch, with a neighbor, etc. Just let us know and we will figure out how to accommodate your schedule. 


  • Can you customize meals?
  • Yes! We keep our operation small so we can make this service as personal and impactful as possible. Please let us know your preferences and requests!


  • Do you cater?
  • Yes! We cater events ranging from intimate dinners to soirees for 100. 


  • What is your delivery range?
  • We deliver throughout SF and Southern Marin. 


  • Is this a subscription service?
  • No, you are free to order whenever and whatever you like.
  • How does the pricing work?
  • Each entree is between $15-$27. The price is dynamic as our menu changes every week and the cost is based on market price (Marin farmer's market produce and meat). That includes about 8oz of protein, 8oz veggies- a generous serving that may feed just you (if your appetite is like mine), or stretch to 2 servings.
  • Sides are from $4-8
  • Desserts are from $4/ serving to $40/ whole pie or cake
  • Drinks are from $3-15 (higher on the range are 32oz green juices and tonics)
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